Have you ever tried frying in butter only to find you are left with a burnt mess in the pan and an acrid taste in your cooking?  Then what your kitchen has been missing is clarified butter!

Clarified butter is the golden-yellow pure butterfat left over after the milk proteins and water are removed from whole butter.

Butter v Clarified butter

Clarified butter has a higher smoke point than butter making it great for sauteeing and making sauces like hollandaise. It also keeps much longer than ordinary butter.

How to make Clarified Butter

1. Start by melting unsalted butter over a very low heat until it starts to simmer and bubble. 

2. Next, skim off the foamy, frothy milk solids that rise to the top.

3. Last, pour off the butterfat from the saucepan into a jug.

4.Leave the white milky residue in the bottom of the original saucepan.

5. Keep the clarified butter in the fridge, where it will last a long time.

Top Tip: Instead of throwing away the milky residue it adds great flavour to soups

Watch how it’s done:

Have you ever tried making ghee?

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