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The vegan diet is the most confused diet in the world. The core pillars of the diet are all wrong. 

Yet so many people still fall for the vegan trap. I want to DEBUNK all their myths in this reddit post.

Even if their intentions are pure, people are on the vegan diet for a false cause. There’s NO reason to be a vegan.

#1: Meat Causes Chronic Disease

#2: The Vegan Diet Is Better for the Environment

  • Plant based agriculture produces more GHG at 5% vs Animals at 4% [*]

  • According to NASA, half of the increase in methane in the atmosphere is from rice farming

  • Now for the cherry on top: The pharmaceutical industry damages the environment more than all agriculture. And diets high in protein can erase chronic disease. Chronic disease that supports the entire pharmaceutical industry

  • Studies, like from White Oak Pastures, show that local raised cattle can pull carbon out of the atmosphere [*]. Show me fake meat that can do that.

#3 The Vegan Diet is Better For Animals

  • How do you think farmers defend crops for the green smoothies, salad and avocado toast?

  • First, the soil tilling process is like a Tsunami, destroying all life in its path. Next, farmers spray fields with pesticides to kill off even more insects. To make matters worse, many farmers shoot predators sight on seen.

  • According to Mike Archer, a Professor at the University of NSW, 25 times more animals die to produce an equal weight of wheat protein and beef protein.

  • All in all, billions of animals die for the vegan lifestyle. Whereas carnivores can live off of 1-2 cows a year. And those cows are curing their chronic disease.

  • We can’t forget that humans are animals too. The most important animals in the world. Animals that are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and metabolic health issues. Only 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy. It’s time to wake up

#4 The Vegan Diet is More Nutritious

  • Animal foods have more of every single vitamin and mineral humans need. And animals contain a more absorbable form of each one. (the exception is vitamin C, which I touch on here). There are even nutrients that are completely missing from the vegan diet

  • Even the nutrients that plants do have are less bioavailable.

    • Vitamin A Retinol (animal form) vs Beta Carotene (plant form)

    • Vitamin D3 (animal form) vs Vitamin D2 (plant form)

    • Vitamin K2 (animal form) vs Vitamin K1 (plant form)

    • Plant protein is less complete

    • DHA vs ALA

  • To make matters worse, plants contain antinutrients that inhibit mineral absorption. Oxalates, for instance, bind to calcium, iron and magnesium. Phytic acid binds to iron, zinc, manganese and copper. This is a big reason why so many vegans are iron deficient [*].

#5 The Vegan Diet Will Prevent Heart Disease

  1. Vitamin B12 Deficiencies: damage heart

  2. High Homocysteine Levels. B12 and Folate are necessary to convert homocysteine to methionine.

  3. Vitamin D Deficiencies

  4. Low in Taurine. Many studies show taurine is beneficial for heart healths

  5. Vegan Diet Can Be Inflammatory. Many vegan diets are high in inflammatory omega 6’s.

  6. Low in DHA. Vegans tend to have higher omega 6 / omega 3 levels, which promotes inflammation [*]

#6 Vegan Diet is Good For Brain

#7 Too Much Animal Protein is Bad for You

  • Humans need more protein, not less

  • Protein is necessary for everything from muscle to hormones and neurotransmitters.

  • Via protein leverage hypothesis, eating too little protein causes you to overeat energy and gain weight.

  • Studies show that protein reduces inflammation [*]

  • This study showed that a 5% increase in protein led to a 3 TIMES decrease in fat mass [*]

  • Over 40% of Americans don’t get enough protein [*].

#8 The Vegan Diet is As Good For Building Muscle

  • To build muscle, you need to eat amino acids and protein. Plant protein absorbability tends to be lower.

  • Many have antinutrients that reduce their absorption. Soy, which is often used by vegans as a protein alternative, contains trypsin inhibitors that interfere with protein absorption.

  • Animals have more BCAAs like leucine which are more anabolic

  • This study confirmed that subjects on an animal based diet gained more muscle than those on a plant based diet [*].

#9 The Vegan Diet Will Heal Your Gut

  1. Fiber: High FODMAPs lead to bacterial overgrowth. Fiber also causes “traffic” in your bowels. This study shows that reducing fiber CURED gut issues [*].

  2. Phytochemcials and toxins in plant foods: Saponins, lectins, oxalates and exogenous pesticides like glyphosate all irritate your gut.

#10 Veganism is the Natural Human Diet

  • Humans needed animal foods to evolve into the blog reading, social primates we are today [*]. For 20 million years until 2.5 million years ago we languished as small brain monkeys. It wasn’t until we discovered stone tools and were able to unlock the code to brain growth: brains and marrow. Since then, our brains have quadrupled in size [*].

  • Our ancestors were already vegans for 20 million years. Those ancestors are still in trees throwing poop at each other. Meat and fat is the reason you’re reading this post today.

Let this be the end of veganism…

Feel free to read more about this here (with more supporting evidence).

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