8th TFL bake. Nov. 28/29, 2019.

Goals: 90% whole grain, 1 kg of dough. 88% hydration.

Nov 28, 2019.

6:05pm, intitial mix:  363 g home milled Prairie Gold HWSW, 65 g home milled Kamut, 50 g King Arthur unbleached all-purpose flour 11.7% protein, (478 g flour so far), 394 g water, 15 g vital wheat gluten, 1/8th tablet of 250 mg vitamin C.

(Just now noticed that I did not include the VWG in the total flour.)

7:09pm, folded in: 109 g of 100% hydration levain.  Was fed previous day, and spent last 24 hr in fridge.

 Flour now: 532.  Water now: 448.  Hydration now: 84.2%.

7:39pm: stretch and fold

8:09pm: added 20 g water and 10.1 g salt via stretch and folds.  Was too aggressive and tore the dough some.

Note:  need to up hydration to at leaat 90%.

Flour: 532 g. Water: 468 g. Hydration: 87.97%.  Update:  only 85.55% counting the VWG.

total weight: 1025 grams, less what stuck to mixing bowl, plus flour used for dusting, and what adhered from banneton.

8:45pm: shaped, dusted with mix of  rice flour, AP flour and WW pastry flour, put in lined/dusted banneton, covered and into fridge.  Should have bulk fermented more, but wanted to get to bed.

Nov 29, 2019.

9:21am: wamred up oven and Lodge 3.2 qt combo-cooker dutch oven at 495/475* 

10:23am: Lightly coated inside bottom of pot (not the lid/skillet) with avocado oil, dusted it with corn meal. Dusted seam side of dough (“up” side as it sat in the banneton) with corn meal. Placed a circle of parchment paper over the corn meal on the dough.  Inverted the cast iron pot over the banneton and rotated them so the dough plopped into the pot.  Made a shallow X score on top of the dough ball in the pot.

Note: as it was too under-fermented, and likely under-hydrated, scoring should have likely been deeper.

10:27am: start bake, covered, 475/455* F.    

10:42am: reduce oven thermostat to 430/410* F, pot still covered.

10:57am: uncover, reduce oven thermostst to 400/380*.

11:47am: Remove from oven.  Internal temp = 210.7 F.

Total bake time: 80 minutes.  (30 min covered, 50 min uncovered.)

* First number indicates oven thermostat setting, second number is actual temp according to a <$5 oven thermometer.

(waiting for a 2 hour cool as I write this.)





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