[New for early 2019] When I was talking to Seredipity’s PR firm amount sampling the three new flavors that popped out for the fall, I couldn’t help but mention the tough luck I’ve had finding the original flavors. Granted I’m not hunting this year like I have in years past, but I still should have come across something by now.

I decided to try Strawberry first because… well, I don’t know why. I guess I didn’t want a saltier flavor after my salty lunch, so in we go. (note: this was my first review but I didn’t post it first)

Serendipity Strawberry Fields Sundae Ice Cream

strawberry ice cream with strawberries and cheesecake pieces

The strawberry swirl tastes like strawberry jelly which is both good and bad. Well, I shouldn’t say “bad”. It’s sweet and has lots of flavor, but it’s not a traditional fancy schmancy swirl. It’s more “straightforward” than that.

I am surprised by all of the early, large cheesecake pieces. They are a bit “sturdier” then expected, and not a ton of cheesecake flavor, but I like the change of pace.

So yeah, I kind of just kept eating…

On Second Scoop: Because I was able to get a bunch of strawberry flavor and a big cheesecake bit on every spoonful, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself on the second scooping. Yes, in the foo foo world I would probably say the strawberry swirl is a bit too simplistic and strong. But in the regular world when you are dying for a scoop of ice cream, this one delivers as a nice 1-2 punch to the taste buds. No, wait, it’s a punch to the taste buds but also a punch in the texture yoobles. Going from swirl to ice cream to cheesecake keeps you busy, and why argue with that?

Verdict?  pretty good
Buy Again?  probably

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