In pursuit of ….

challenger bread pan or whatever else the current ” flavorofthemonth” is….…


appears to either be ” out of stock” or $185. Can’t believe folks are falling for all these contrived pots. All you need is a covered pot that DOESN’T hold the heat too long or take too long to heat up . These extravagant pans and exorbidant prices in the pursuit of some ‘ perfect’ bread have caused me to pretty much  drop out of all the bread forums.

If it’s not holes it’s some other sought  after made up elusive quality. Surprise ….almost no one is in pursuit of flavor.

I’ve been baking all our bread since the 70’s.All I ever cared about was flavor and nutrition. I started to get sucked in on looks and realized I had no interest. Good Luck to those who are pursuing it . c

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