This recipe for creamy chicken with braised leeks and carrots is utterly delicious and a dish I plan to make repeatedly. The leeks cook until melting consistency and the creamy sauce is packed with citrus, rosemary and thyme flavours. It’s the perfect easy weeknight supper meal but is fancy enough for casual entertaining.

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Creamy chicken with braised leeks & carrots recipe

This creamy chicken is inspired by one of their recipes. I used the Maryland thigh and leg cut because that is what I had on hand but would choose  8 thighs if I didn’t have this as it’s my favourite cut of chicken. You could also butcher a whole bird for this recipe and that’s something I love to do too and use the carcass to make chicken stock. I happened to have a small bottle of freshly squeezed naartjie juice from Babylonstoren which was delicious, but orange juice was in the original recipe.

You could fry off the chicken, leeks and carrots and then transfer to a large lidded pot / dutch oven to complete the cooking if you don’t have a suitable heavy-based lidded cast iron dish in the right size to do it all in. You can cook this on the stovetop but I generally prefer to do my braises in the oven and reduce all risk of the bottom of the sauce catching. I’ve given both cooking method options. 


Creamy chicken with braised leeks & carrots

Creamy chicken with braised leeks & carrots recipe

The most delicious creamy chicken with braised leeks & carrots recipe with a orange, rosemary & thyme.

  • Author: Sam Linsell
  • Yield: Serves 4 1x



8 pieces of chicken, bone-in and skin on (8 thighs, or 4 legs and 4 thighs), or one whole bird cut into 8 pieces

3 Tbsp olive oil

56 medium /large leeks, washed and trimmed, cut into discs

4 medium carrots, peeled and cut into rounds on the bias

2 long sprigs of fresh rosemary, leaves stripped and very finely chopped (just over 1 Tbsp)

3 thyme stalks (can keep whole)

50gms butter

3 Tbsp flour

250ml (1 cup) orange juice (or nartjie / clementine juice)

125ml (1/2 cup) milk

250ml (1 cup) cream

1 Tbsp honey

2 sachets liquid chicken stock – (or cubes or pots)

Serve with rice (brown or white basmati)

Fry the chicken pieces skin side down until brown on both sides. Set aside. In the same pan add the leeks, carrots, thyme and rosemary and fry over low heat until softened. About 10 minutes.

Add the butter and when it’s melted, sprinkle over the flour and stir to coat and cook slightly. Add the orange/naartjie juice and deglaze the pan. Scrape any browned bits that may have got stuck on the bottom. Then add the milk, cream, honey and stock and bring it to a bubble. Add the chicken pieces back in (with any juices) and cook for 25 – 30 minutes with the lid on, on the lowest setting. Stir occassionally to ensure the sauce doesnt catch at the bottom of the pan. 

*You could also pop it in the oven @ 180C / 350F for 40 minutes 


While the chicken is cooking make your rice to serve. You will need around 1 – 1.5 cups of rice for 4 people.  


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Creamy chicken with braised leeks & carrots recipe

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