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Before I return to Lisbon shots, assuming I get a chance today to process some more shots, here’s one hot off the press from a talk / tour of the University of Oxford Blavatnik School of Government.

Having seen this spiral stair in the Herzog & de Meuron designed building under construction last Spring I’d pre-visualised this shot about nine months ago…….

Click here for more shots of Herzog & de Meuron buildings :

From Wikipedia : "The Blavatnik School of Government is located in the University of Oxford’s Radcliffe Observatory Quarter on Woodstock Road, however its main entrance is on Walton Street. The building is designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron to promote open discussion, interaction and collaboration. The central forum is inspired by the idea of openness and transparency and connects all the floors together. Construction work started in autumn 2013, after some controversy, and ended in late 2015. The building is controlled by a combination of systems and technology that helps minimise its environmental impact.

The building is taller than Carfax Tower in the centre of Oxford, this dominating the site and causing opposition to the scheme by local residents in the Jericho district of the city and elsewhere. The site is immediately to the south of the café/bar Freud, in the historic 1836 Greek revival St Paul’s Church on Walton Street. The scheme has been opposed by the cafe’s owner, David Freud, due to its size compared to the church building. The site is also opposite the classical Oxford University Press building. In Spring 2013, a public meeting was held in St Barnabas Church and the building was described as "a concrete marshmallow".

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