Miles High

Another one of my pieces on display at Frisson Gallery this month. Short story below. Enjoy!

Miles High

♫ Soundtrack The Weeknd – Where You belong

God, she walked by again. He had just put the plane on auto-pilot and stepped out of his cabin to stretch. Did she know his routine, or was she always so well in sync with his timing by mere chance?

He asked her about the passengers she looked after, even looking her in the eyes as she answered him professionally. Her hand finished closing the first class curtain, and when she turned back to look at him, he was a completely different man.

His face was hard, jaw locked, as his hands grabbed one wrist and a handful of her hip. He slammed her against the wall so hard you’d think the plane would’ve rocked. Rolling his hips up against her thigh as he tenderly grabbed the side of her face, turning her lips to his. Growling out, right into her own mouth, "You know exactly what you’re doing to me. I know you do."

Breathing back into him, the words meant to land on his tongue so he could taste it…. "Yes…."

Posted by Broderick Logan on 2018-07-11 07:31:30

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