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What a wonderful time I had in Friday in Gainesville with my daughter, Amanda, who graduated from UF that day!*

I drove hours north VERY EARLY! She warned me "not before 8"! But I get up early and I leave early (before commuting traffic!). In fact, the sky was pitch black and the moon, three times larger than normal size, hung in mid-sky with a crescent sliver… It was beautiful as traffic lights and electric lights flashed past me…

By the time I reached her farm country there was a thick mist that lay through the fields in layers of striped white, blue and pink… It flooded out onto the road and danced around field animals…

Yes, I arrived too early… I told her I’d walk to the neighboring Pancake House for a cup of coffee, but, I never got there! So much beauty around her apartment complex… And a nearby lake all became subjects to take pictures of…

She made me a wonderful breakfast, showed me new clothes, we drew, she had henna in the fridge so we got tatooed, we scarfed down my picnic lunch, she showed me virtual video games, all in all a great catch-up morning before her wonderful Graduation!*

Posted by Jen’s Photography on 2008-05-04 16:57:17

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