Hello reddit. If you have a gluten sensitivity I would love your advice on if it sounds like I have a gluten sensitivity, just bad hormones, some combo, some other sensitivity, or any advice you have for continued experimentation…… I have been seriously struggling in my quest to figure it out.

I have a very healthy life style, workout 6 times a week, eat as clean as possible- so I have a bit of an obsession with figuring out what’s been causing my skin such distress and am bothered when I feel sleepy or dizzy and can’t figure out why. Now I’m not sure if I’m overthinking this potential gluten sensitivity and I just have hormones/it’s normal to feel tired sometime.

This started with trying to help my skin. I have had really continuous cystic/hormonal acne mostly on my jawline for about 2-3 years (I’m female and 24). It’s like I wake up every day to a new, deep pimple. I tried switching birth control, limiting dairy, limiting soy, switching to an all clean skin care routine, and none of that helped so after reading some rogue inconclusive other reddit posts I tried going gluten free for about 3 months.

I also recalled that I just sort of self taught myself that I shouldn’t eat sandwiches at lunch time because I got so sleepy that the whole afternoon would be thrown off. Oats have a similar effect. Sometimes I get kind of light headed from both. I figured quarantine was a good time to diet experiment.

During that time I definitely felt great, more energized, my skin was getting better and better. But- although I’m generally very healthy and eat minimal processed sugar normally- eating gluten free meant that I was eating absolutely no random snacks and lots more vegetables. So maybe that was why I felt better and I decided I didn’t want to be gluten free forever until I knew for sure, so decided to do some experiments.

Ok, so my experiments haven’t been very scientific- my (and my friends around me) may have gotten a little too excited about me eating gluten and sometimes there were some drinks or other sugary things mixed in (in what attempted to be just pure trying maybe some wheat). Anyway the first time after having crackers I felt AWFUL the next day totally brain fogged and like I couldn’t do anything (but- had a couple of drinks with the crackers). A week later I got the worst cankersores in my life (could be from sugar though?)- I couldn’t swallow for days without awful pain, and also bad headaches. Another time after a beer and bread bun I felt thrown off for days- headache, foggy, couldn’t go to the bathroom (but- had just been hiking 27 miles all weekend). One time I had pasta and another time I had naan and felt totally fine no side effects I could tell. All the while my skin has gone back to breaking out a lot- but, not all at once.

Maybe it’s hormonal. I did notice that my breakouts were connected to when I was supposed to get my period, usually, a week later. But I read that gluten could impact your hormones and maybe that is what is going on.

I also felt like I had more mood swings after the gluten, like irrationally moody and sad- but maybe it was just because I have been so frustrated in trying to figure this out 😂

I’ve seen an allergist, for other nut allergies, and he said it’s possible that I’m sensitive to some gluten things or not others. Based on other gluten sensitivity posts I’ve read here, I’m skeptical.

Anyway here is my question: does it sound similar to gluten sensitivity or just hormones/normal body ups and downs? If so, is it possible I could be sensitive to some gluten levels or all gluten?

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