Gathering Storm over Canary Wharf & Isle of Dogs

across the Thames from Greenwich. And how apt that originally-meteorological title proved to be: Lehman Bros (in the building to the left of Citigroup) soon collapsed after this photo was taken. HSBC is doing reasonably well-ish. Barclays is still intact but has uninsured toxic loans on its books and new sovereign investors on its register, Citibank and most American banks received huge and repeated innoculations injected by the US Treasury, ditto UBS by the Swiss government…… and RBS, HBOS et al…… well they have gone the way of the Goodwin, with Gordon Brown’s support. Oh and his helping hand and guidance also steered Victor Blank into a little too much undue non-diligence and meant that his relatively conservative Lloyds TSB got hitched up to the relatively unconservative Halifax Bank of Scotland to the detriment of its own shareholders (and bonuses). Some storm! But back on Independence Day 2008, this lot stick looked reasonably imposing and intact!

Posted by JB photographer on 2008-07-06 12:56:17

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