1964 Ford Taunus 12M P4 | It’s high time I started the Belgr…



It’s high time I started the Belgrade series. On the road I was going there were many more interesting cars, including, Wartburg 1.3, GAZ Volga M24, Škoda Forman, Citroen DS, Rover 200 Coupe, Saab 900 Mk2, etc, but sadly didn’t capture neither of them. The Taunus however is excellent, especially because it’s still running, and seems unrestored. P4 was built from 1962 to 1966, and it was first Taunus with 4 door body. This is exactly that model. With number 1716 on plates, this is quite a new registration, which means this probably has a bright future, especially when you know Taunus is one of most common oldtimers here.

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